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۩ ·.

X  A  Y  A  H


is  only   the   beginning

━━━━ ━━ ━━                 ━━ ━━ ━━━━

As a child, Xayah loved listening to her father sing the
ancient folk-hymns about vastayan heroes. The haunting
melodies transported her to a long-forgotten time, when
the spirit realm danced freely throughout the physical world.
But, with every new generation, humans encroached further
into the Lhotlan tribelands, disrupting the raw, chaotic
essence of Ionia for their own purposes. Unwilling to stand
by and watch her kind fade, Xayah ignored the decrees of
her people and set out to reason with the humans.
"Rakan tells me to be careful as he wanders away, looking
at the sky. Every time he leaves, my heart sinks. I'm sure
it won't be the last time I see him. Although, one day, it might."

━━━━ ━━ ━━                 ━━ ━━ ━━━━


straight six plus ten scorpio happy
infp neutral good xayah main bookworm

hi it's ya bird boi
just wanted to leave this piece of s*** here because I have one and you don't

you suck and I hate you. besides the point, you're actually okay to be around. I like spending time with your ugly
*** even if you do say some weird ****ing s*** sometimes. you are my best friend and no matter how many times
you tell me you love me, I'll always treat you like crap. OH, I mean *I'll always treat you like my sister c: thanks
for always coming back to me for whatever reason and reaching out to me at random times. I know you're going
through some stuff and I want you to know that "I have your back." bird will take care of you and will sometimes
feed you to zed if you call me dumb. I probably should've apologized for making this message hack thing super long
but oh well. most of it is a bunch of trash anyway because I suck at trying to let you know you that you're a pretty
great person to be around. whenever you need me or simply need to talk just call me to get me attention. just like
last night, I'll wake up to your call and support you in any way I can. just like you suck my d*** whenever I need you
to, lol. but seriously, i would never mind waking up at almost two in the morning to talk to you and make sure you're
okay. I may not be the greatest friend or even person to be around but I sure as hell will try with you. I hope people
start to realize that even though you can be a lil s*** sometimes, you're one of the best people I've ever met. you're
smart, determined, and very good at sending memes (which btw you should send me some more of those things c:).
it feels like centuries since we first met. I remember that it first began with giving you advice about headass boys and
here we are again. it's crazy how time flies when you're not paying attention. although it'll be almost a year since we
met in June? July? summer time-ish, it feels like a lot more. I haven't told you how grateful I am for you so here it is,
I'm extremely grateful. please don't judge me for making this so small and bland. I don't feel like using fancy words and
cliche s*** people stutter all the ****ing time. after taking two AP test I'm freaking exhausted fam. but yeah, u cool.
love you wife birdy, always. hope we will continue to play league in college or get challenger some day as bird people.
answer my snaps and have a good day

- bird
rakan's bitch || no squawking

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