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TrueQueen - You can't save someone, if they don't want to be saved.
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About Me

Welcome! You may kneel...kidding.
Don't leave me a comment if your profile is set to "friends only", it's super annoying.
Before you talk to me, please make sure your grammar skills are reasonable enough to deal with. I do not like text talk and you will find yourself instantly blocked if you use it with me. Now, if I haven't scared you off already you may call me "Dead Master" "D.M" or "Queen" be sure to capitalize it as you see it here. I do not add or talk to minors so please be at least eighteen before you talk to me. I do not like accepting random requests, if I find you interesting enough I might still accept it but YOU must be the one who inboxes me first. If you do not send me an inbox before the day you added me is over, I will inbox you. Within 24 hours if I still haven't heard back from you, you will be unfriended and blocked. Keep in mind that these are my rules, so please respect them.

I consider myself a very talented person, being that I'm able to flex to my partners interest in rp. I focus more on mature, detailed and long lasting rp's. Some of the genres I adore are: Supernatural, Gore, Romance, Drama and many more. I will not accept anyone who cannot rp a paragraph, so if you can't do that much please stop reading here. I like detail and nothing less, so please be honest with me about your skills. I will not shame you and nor am I ranking you by doing this. I simply get bored easy and rather than accept all and ignore you because of your ability to interest me, I feel it is fair to place this information all on the table. Though, if you are purely interested in an online friendship or a lesson on how to rp; I am more than willing to accept your request and focus on that.

(About Me)

Yes, I'm really from Chicago Illinois. I am a female that is twenty-one years of age and yes I'm single. That does not mean your chances with me are great, they're actually slim to none. I am a troubled perfectionist and I welcome criticism and people pointing out my mistakes. I am a full time worker, currently employed as a clerk for a book company. I am very open minded and down to earth, can't you tell dollface? I am a gamer, an Anime lover, Yaoi lover, Yuri lover and I rp many characters.

I am not hard to approach, so don't second guess yourself. I'm just a person set in my ways and don't see any point in molding for others when it comes to anything purely online. I consider myself many things and if anyone is curious enough to get to know me, I welcome it. I just ask that you treat me like I'm an essay that you're handing to your very strict teacher and every mistake makes your grade go down. No, no I'm kidding but anyone who does wish to talk to me must have some basic idea of what a proper structured sentence is. It's only fair for me to want to surround myself with "these" types of people.

Now, "these" types of people I speak of are people who take time to make whatever they do look good. They don't just talk to talk, they talk to make connections. Meaningful connections, connections that will help them grow as a person. I don't know about you but I'm not just a person online who you just are going to say "Hello." "Hey" "Hi." to and I don't hear from you ever again or maybe if I'm lucky a week or two later. I have value and if you can't see that or need it, you can keep on strolling through profiles. No, I'm not mean I just hate it when people waste my time. Wouldn't anyone?

Now that I got that out of the way, I recently discovered the ability to review anime on this site. I find this feature very lovely, so I will be using it. I find it even more nice that once you make a review it's listed on your profile, glorious. So, very soon starting with the anime I already have listed, I will review each one to the best of my ability and I welcome you to read them. Keep in mind that every anime I have listed is nothing less of all that I've seen and nothing but the best in the genre they are suppose to represent. Also that I review on a more logical point of view, never on pure personal beliefs. My reviews will be nothing but fine logical reasons on why the anime is the way I say it is and why I believe you should watch said anime (along with why I rated said anime) if you already haven't or are debating your desire to watch the anime listed.

I am always open minded to peoples opinions but bigotry is not welcomed around me. You may defend your reason but do not belittle my own reason to justify your own. It's uncultured and it purely lowers your image with me. So, be a good sport and act accordingly. I have not yet to encounter any people that are not desirable to speak with on this site so I suppose I'll thank the Gods for that. (no I am Agnostic). So, don't waste my time and I wont waste yours.


Ps: rp's, rpg's are more "personally" accepted words for me because roleplay is actually two words and being that it's used as one word (or commercial at) (roleplay/role-play) to actual people who rp online (mostly all the time), why not?
That's all for now.
Now, how about some awesome gifs?...

Thanks for visiting.

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