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NAME: Kimberly Scott
BIRTHDAY Unknown, year 1999
SPECIES Human and dinosaur hybrid (Spinosaurus),
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Kimberly has long black hair that she cut herself and often wears dark clothing, but pink is one of her favorite color.
PERSONALITY On the outside, Kimmy could be considered a bully due to her nature of fighting and not knowing when to give up. Often times she found beating a student up who made fun of her. But, she wants affection, something she never got as an child or even from her foster parents after moving into the town. Her dinosaur dna shows most of her mean and fighting personality, while her human shows some care about people and affection.
BACK STORY In 1999, InGen wanted to be the first to see if they could try to mix human and dinosaur dna and make something new. What they got was Kimberly, a hybrid who was mostly human and barely dinosaur at all. She was a failed experiment by them, but she was not left in the trash. Instead, she was trained and brought into a small town where she would try and fit in.
ONGOING STORY After a couple of years, Kimberly made herself at home in the small town with her foster parents. It was peaceful though she barely had any friends and often found herself at detention, due to her fighting back or even biting someone.
EXTRA Due to her spinosaurus DNA, Kimmy has sharp canines/nails and her long tail. She can also change from her hybrid to full dinosaur when she pleases.


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