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You can badmouth me as much as you want,
         but don't make fun of my brother!

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NAME » Rin Okumura.
SPECIES » Half-Demon.
AGE » Sixteen.
DATE OF BIRTH » December 27th.
OCCUPATION » Exorcist ; Student.
GENDER » ...seriously? []
CLASS » Exwire.
MEISTER » Knight (In Training).
WEAPON » Kurikara.
STATUS » Alive.
HAIR COLOR » Black (Manga) ; Navy Blue (Anime).

●   ●   ●
During the time of the Blue Night, Satan murdered a huge number of the world's greatest holy men, in order to find someone who he could possess without any ill effects to save Yuri Egin, who was going to be executed by the Vatican for being impregnated by him. Shiro Fujimoto and Mephisto Pheles were ordered by Yuri's father, Ernst Frederik Egin, to go find and kill her and Satan's children. They found Yuri within the forest with her newborn twins, whom she named Rin and Yukio , and she soon died of childbirth. Instead of killing the twins, Shiro decided to seal Rin's Demonic powers within the Demon-slaying blade Kurikara with the help of Mephisto, and raise Yuri's children as his own. Mephisto then made a deal with Fujimoto that if he doesn't succeed in raising the twins as normal children and if Rin's Demon powers ever came out, they will be under his custody. In his childhood, Rin led a normal human life, but his strength and temper seemed unnatural, so all the children and even teachers feared him and thought of him as a Demon, throwing slangs such as 'Demon child.' He got into fights often and injured all his classmates, and the only one who could stop him was Shiro. Rin always admired Shiro and wanted to become like him when he grew up. Rin always protected Yukio from bullies and encouraged him to chase his dream. Also in his youth, Rin learned how to cook, which became his natural talent.
The Girl Behind The Book
Warning: This user is prone to randomness and fits of rabid fangirlism.

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harry potter lindsey stirling laurenzside video games Disney manga claymore
elsword cosplay roleplay books editing Sims 3 all things horror.
being ignored being alone liars being mistrusted fake people drama
trolls assholes balloons jerks being woken up bad wifi and internet connection.

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Ask for Discord.
Hackage <3

thank you for being by my side.
these years have been tough for me but you made things brighter for me
I'm no good with words but I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that your my girlfirend.
Hopefully I can atleast keep that big promise.
I think It's time I've kept it so for you I will visit you.
yet I have to tell you this now or I won't be able to tell it later on in the future.
out of all of the girls i've went out with your the only one who's accepted me for me.
So I am grateful thank you and happy 3 year anniversary. My only wish right now is for you to be my bride in the future
I love you zoey and please for me. don't change at all <3 your perfect the way you are.
~AR2R waz here

- - - -
Yoooo! It's been 3 years since we've known one another and I have to say,
even though we have had our ups and downs, I still think of you as a sister. We fight and bicker
but I know that our friendship is powerful enough for us to get through those times. You were there
for the painful times to help comfort me and you were there to help make me laugh and for
the good times too. Thank you for being there for me and also, I give you props for dealing
with my crazy antics. Anyways, here's to more moments we will share together in the future
(as if you could get rid of me) and thank you. You have a beautiful personality and a kind heart,
which is rare in this world. Never change Zoey and stay awesome!
- The Trash Queen, Brii-sama
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