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About Me

Hello there.

A little note:Super busy with university prep. and part-time job gomen gomen =.=


Call me LJ or Elle....or you can always come up with a nickname for me :D
I celebrate on 14th November
Mostly Filipino :)

A lot of people have asked me what type of anime I like. Well,I don't have any specific genres I like. I just watch any anime that has a catching/captivating (lol) storyline so I always end up watching different anime all the time (Apart from horror or gory ones coz they leave images in my mind :( I know, pretty childish but can't be helped :lol: )

I don't do graphic designs and I don't know how to :lol: (teach me?) I don't have the softwares and all that jazz. I know, pretty unusual since everyone on the internet nowadays seem to know how to (>.<") And I just found some online that I think tells about me as well so I don't have to type a lot. Yup, I'm lazy :) If you want the links for any, I don't mind sharing since they're not mine anyway :lol:


P.S. My avatar is from a book. I just took a picture of it using my tablet and then edited it.

Anivide Family
(Amazing people I've met here on Anivide)


Tumblr - I don't really go on it anymore but check it out anyway :lol: No, I'm not asking anyone to follow.
MyAnimeList - Meh
Everyone deserves their own privacy.



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